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Portable-ac-vent-hose-size, air conditioner portable exhaust hose - 5 inch diameter - 59 inch long - universal flexible counter clockwise room airconditioner ac vent replacement tube - window kit extension accessories parts. Kraftex air conditioner hose - portable exhaust vent with 5.9" diameter, clockwise thread & length up to 80". compatible with lg, delonghi and other portable air conditioners to save energy (5.9"), portable ac hose products need to be durable, flexible, compressible and easy to transport. ducting.com offers a large portable hose range for all needs.. Are you thinking of buying a portable air conditioner but not sure how you’re supposed to vent it? or maybe you’ve already got your eye on one but you still want to know all of the portable air conditioner venting options available so you can make sure it will work., dual-hose portable air conditioners provide more energy efficiency and quicker cooling than their single-hose counterparts. portable ac units accumulate moisture, so be sure to drain the collected moisture periodically. most mobile air conditioners have reservoirs that should be emptied, but some offer hookups for a drainage hose..

In most cases, using a dryer vent to exhaust a portable air conditioner isn't recommended. dryer vents have a 4-inch diameter, and most exhaust hoses are slightly larger in diameter. delonghi portable acs, on the other hand, feature 4-inch exhaust hoses, so they would fit most dryer vents., if you're looking for a flexible cooling solution that can be moved from room to room, portable air conditioners are the answer. whether you’re searching for small portable air conditioners to place in your study during summer or portable air conditioners with heat for year-round comfort anywhere in your home, there are a number of solutions available to provide instant relief.